40 years ago we started our business with Financial Analyst Jobs. We prepared Financial Business-Plans and did audits for Companies, Business Consultants and Finance Brokers, Private Equity firms, M&A Companies, Banks and other financing institutions and Governments and Government Agencies.


In the 90s we were more and more asked for plausibility checks for business models. We answered questions of large international companies e.g. should they increase production capacities in a special country. And when the answer was yes, or the business model was found, we also did the realization and implementation. We then changed from Analysis to Project Management. We even went into interim management jobs. Restarting production companies, restructuring companies within the management was our task.


Still a major part of our business are Analyst Jobs. We help to analyze the status of a company. We make financial plans to apply for funding from World Bank, European Investment Bank or Equity Fund.


You invested into a company and you are not getting any reports? You want to know where your money did go? We can help you to answer those questions. We also do forensic audits.


We have some areas where we are specialists. Analyst Jobs are one thing. To develop a business model or to do project management you need a lot of experience with product and market and have specific contacts. Developing Business Models thats our major strength. We already worked in projects in USA, EU, Cambodia, China, India, Cameroon, Montenegro, Japan, South Africa, Mexico, Brasil and others.


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