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We are a company with employees spread over the world. When we have a longtime project we install additional temporary offices in that country or city.


You can contact us via WhatsApp Business chat or call using +44 161 818 6008 or you email us using info@getcontrolling.com. In Germany and for Europe you can also contact DerController.de.


According to EUDSGVO we do not collect any Data with this website. We do not use logfiles, cookies, webanalysis, connections to social media, newsletters etc.. If you contact us we will only file Email-Address, your name and the information you give us.


If you are a journalist and want to know about a local project in your country where GetSales is working on, please contact our local representative or ask the owner of the project to be invited to the next press conference.

GetSales   -   58 Stoneleigh Towers, St. Louis MO 63132, USA   -   78 York Street, London W1H1DP, UK   -   info@getcontrolling.com