The founders of our Group met in 1982, working together producing production equipment for car manufacturing industry. All of them were business owners and they had the goal to better themselves. They designated their lifes to improve themselves in the professional and in the personal field. T


To be able to present ourselves to the world of business we founded GetSales Inc., USA in 1986 and GetSales Ltd., United Kingdom in 2002. We named it GetSales because "Get Sales!" is the demand of industry. Getting "more sales" is the goal of all businesses. In Germany, is part of our group since 1988.


The members of our group are grown up and experienced business people in the age 50+. We have probably lived where you run your business and long year experiences in the market where your company is in. If not, then we know the people that are able to help you. We see our position in the management and development of your project. We make sure that the right people are in the right position of the project, whether they are GetSales-People, people from our network, or people, that you bring into the project. We assure that the goals are reached.


We do our job completely CO2 neutral.

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